What to Look for in A Good Barbecue Restaurant

Today, there are thousands of barbecue joints almost everywhere. This makes it quite difficult to know which the best to choose from. There is nothing that beats eating at a good barbecue joint. The experience of a great meat going down your throat is determined by where you are having it. You should see some barbecue restaurants in Montreal to understand what I’m saying. I’m sure restaurants like viande fumée Jarry will do more than wow you.

Nevertheless, these tips will help you to find the most authentic smoked and tastiest meat around you.

  • Ribs

In addition to looking out for the ribs, it should have a caramelized and crispy exterior while having a tender interior. You can also look out for a pink tint on the meat. Biting off a piece of meat should be easy. It won’t be nice to have the rib falling off and hanging on your chin like a flab when you take a bite.

  • Brisket

You need to look out for a properly cooked brisket. You can pick a piece up and pull it to know if the brisket is properly cooked. It is done if you observe some elasticity.

  • Pulled Pork

Whether the meat was hand-chopped or chopped by machine when you’re looking for good pulled pork. The most important thing is that pork should not be mushy. It should be tender. It shouldn’t be overly soft meat because it indicates that it is overcooked. The meat should have spices and flavor.

  • Barbecue Sauce

There should be some sauce for dipping in addition to the meat and smoky flavor. Most people would prefer the sauce staying on the rib. When you see some people eat ribs, you can tell from their faces that they want a sauce.

  • Burnt Ends

The burnt ends which display a charred, trimmed brisket ends have now become popular in barbecue restaurants everywhere. It comes with its unique taste and flavor in addition to be crispy feel in the mouth.

  • Hush Puppies

It is normal for a real hush puppy to be rich with corn flavor and should boast a crisp exterior. It shouldn’t taste sweet like a cupcake and should have only few signs of grease rings on the outside because excess of grease indicates improper frying.

  • Cole Slaw

Coleslaw makes a real barbecue. The cabbage should be green and crisp with a fresh smell it doesn’t matter if your preference is for a vinegary or sweet slaw. A good slaw needs to compliment the meat and shouldn’t have too much mayonnaise.

When stepping into that popular barbecue restaurant, you need to look out for all these to ensure that you get the best taste.

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